Defined in step.js

The workplan API endpoint returns information about the STEP-NC process held by the digital thread. The process is composed of a nested series of executable objects. A workingstep describes a single machining operation with some toolpaths. Workplans contain a sequence of executables. Some workplans have a setup transform to describe a fixturing of the part. Selectives contain a set of alternative executables.

Get Complete Main Workplan

GET /v3/nc/workplan

GET on the Workplan root endpoint returns the main workplan of a STEP-NC process containing a tree of nested executable objects. The main workplan and nested workingsteps are described by executable objects.

Get Individual Executable

GET /v3/nc/workplan/{id}

GET with a numeric id will return the description of a single executable. The return value is an executable object. You request a workplan or selective, the return value will contain all of the nested children objects.