Workpiece Object

The workpiece object describes a product defined by the digital thread model. A workpiece object describes the ID, name, and other associated information.

  "id":		int,
  "name":	string,
  "workingsteps": int[],
  "wpType":	string,
  "tolerances":	int[],
  "datums":	string[],
  "children":	int[],
  "type":	string,
    "x": double, "y": double, "z": double,
    "length": double,
    "width":  double,
    "height": double
Property Type Description
id string The unique identifier for the workpiece.
name string The workpiece name, if any.
workingsteps int[] An array of integer identifiers for the workingsteps that operate on the workpiece.
wpType string Always "workpiece" for objects returned by the workpieces endpoint.
tolerances int[] An array containing the identifiers for all tolerances on a workpiece including any tolerances on its subassemblies.
datums string[] An array containing the names of all datums on a workpiece including any datums on its subassemblies.
type string Always "workpiece" for objects returned by the workpieces endpoint.
children int[] Always an empty array.
subs object[] Always an empty array.
size object The size is an object containing the length, width, and height of a block surrounding the workpiece geometry, plus the smallest x, y and z values in the coordinates of the geometry.

For example, the following describes a surface profile tolerance with several datums:

  "8052": {
    "name":"unnamed workpiece",
    "workingsteps":[86380, 86394, 86401, 87417, 87426, 87444],