Using with QIF

To use the NC.js package with QIF status reporting, you will need to adapt the server code for the QIF load/unload REST endpoints to match your situation.

The code for these are in the tolerances.js and parseqif.js files.

GET on the /v3/nc/tolerances/qif/load endpoint currently fetchs a QIF report from a pre-determined location, parses it, and applies the measured values to each of the matching tolerances in the digital thread model. At the moment, the location of the QIF file is hard coded to "swim:5000/assets/<ProjectName>_RES.qif".

After the tolerances have been updated, the "status" field of each tolerance object will contain a string indicating whether the tolerance is satisfied. The existing code uses this value to display the tolerances with a status color.

GET on the /v3/nc/tolerances/qif/unload endpoint resets the measurement state of all tolerances in the thread model.